I've got some major buzzing and occasional popping when I am not touching anything on the bass. It is only when I touch something metal (strings/tuning heads/etc.) that it goes away.

I took the whole thing apart and checked all the soldering and it seems to be just fine. I changed the 9V battery and that didn't do much either. This has just recently become a problem any ideas of what it could be?

ps: If this has been posted in the incorrect forum and am sorry, the last time I was active here I think it was 2002.
Probably more around 2006 or so...

Could it be that it's not shielded properly?
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Sounds like a grounding problem. If you've already had a look inside and didn't see anything, try taking the bridge off and make sure the grounding wire is contacting the bottom of the bridge.
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I did take the bridge off and the grounding wires are right where the should be. I have noticed that if I mess with the battery pot in the back there is a considerable increase in noise, including much more popping. Could there be a wiring issue there?
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