As in the title, I need feedback on my song called "Breathe". I've written this song and recorded it for my band. We don't have a singer yet, so I had to write the lyrics and record the vocals. I fully realize that they sound absolutely horrible and I know that the words are cheesy but that'll change once we find a singer.

What I'm looking for is feedback on the melody and structure of the song. I'm also looking for honesty: would you consider this a song you'd enjoy listening to, would you consider us a band you'd want to see live.

Link to the song: http://soundcloud.com/msmyla/breathe

It's really good but I wouldn't go see you live because it isn't my type of music. I like heavy metal lol.

Much better than anything I can do.
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pretty cool! where can i get more of your music?
i'd always go see a band live if i like them. it totally adds a new layer of musical experience to the whole sound.
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The intro guitar was awesome and your vocals aren't that bad, I think with a proper eq they could sound pretty good actually kinda reminds me of the guy from The Anniversary. So I actually can see my self enjoying your music and would definately go see you guys play live.

Great song