looked all over hte internet and king find any readable les paul plans any where i can find some, want to build one

allparts should have a template for les pauls.

honestly, as your first guitar build, put together a guitar, and then for the second build one from scratch.
yeah, do it like the guy above me said; spend first shitload of money to buy parts and just assemble the guitar, and then spend another shitload of money do to just the same thing over



-go to the local store, ask there
-just copy/make a template from a real les paul

because even if you'll manage to get a real plan for a les paul you'll struggle with reading it, a lot of designer/architect-ish things that most people don't understand anyway.
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I have a pdf file with a plans set, plus some others. It's actually on this site somewhere, a 84 meg zip file full of stuff. I actually think there are 2 sets of LP plans in it.
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