I love this movie haha, even though it got pretty bad reviews, I think its one of Adam Sandler's best films. And I noticed (for those who have seen it) When Nicky is floating up to Valerie's appartment after being sprayed with mace, the acoustic version of "Everlong" by Foo Fighters starts playing. I thought the acoustic version was recorded just for the Foo's Greatest Hits album?
But anyway, anyone else have any thoughts about Little Nicky? Favorite scenes, or characters? Did you like the film or not? If not then why?
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one of Adam Sandler's best films

No, not even close.

It's okay, I still prefer Happy Gilmore. It's not raunchy and is still funny and maintains a plot.
It's great, one of my favorites
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I'd probably rather work a day in retail for no pay than see Little Nicky again.
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Yes me and my whole family love Little Nicky. But alot of critics hate Adam Sandlers movies so it's not really suprising.
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Never saw it, but it looked pretty dumb, to be honest.
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Popeyes Chicken Is ****ing Awesome!
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I've only seen it once or twice, and it was years ago, but it's probably a shit movie if you take it seriously, but for a weird comedy I loved it!
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I remember liking it but when I watched it recently, his voice got on my nerves.

me too, i loved it when i was like 12 but now it makes me cringe.
happy gilmore was imo the only half decent adam sandler movie. this just makes me cringe at the jokes that fall flat and half smile at the decent ones.
I bet the movie would be incredibly shitty if I rewatched it now, but I remember thinking it was the best movie ever when I was like 9 or 10. Adam Sandler is one cheeky kunt though.
It's crap but it's good crap if you know what I mean. Although in general Adam Sandler is just awful.
I like its advocacy for Popeye's Chicken. It is an important and profound message throughout the film that people need to know about.

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