I've come across a pair Fender speakers/cabinets. They have basically nothing on them except a slanted 1/4" input on the back in a little cavity. However, there is no place on the speakers for a power input. Like stated in the title, they are called Fender LTB 12's. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
P.S. Sorry no pics, camera is being fixed at Best Buy currently.
1. I have no idea what a speaker like that might be used for, I thought all speakers needed power to amplify a signal, I'm not much of an amp guy so I wouldn't know.
2. I googled it already, the "manual" only has the specs and doesn't really say what the speaker is used for.
1) oh, well....there are pretty much 2 types of speakers:
active speakers: they do have buil-in amplifier (and require power source), e.g. computer speakers (combo for guitar could also be considered an active speaker)

passive speaker: that's pretty much just a speaker in a box (or multiple speakers). This doesn't require any kind of electrical power, as it doesn't amplify the sound at all. You often use them with some kind of amplifier. e.g. guitar cabinets, most kinds of headphones, some home theater speakers, most home stereos etc.

2) i'm not really sure myself tbh, my guess would probably be studio monitor (speaker used while recording, when you record the sound directly from you guitar or some modelling pedal and then use the monitor to play what you're recording, so you can hear what you're playing)
or it could also be just a small guitar cab.
it's a pro audio sound system, kinda like what DJ's would use. may be usable for doing some PA style work at smaller gigs.
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So could I hook up my guitar to my amp, and line out on on my amp to cabinet/LTB-12?
you should use speaker output, not line-out for speakers. Also check if the impedance of the speakers is the same as output impedance of your amp.
So it would be better to use with a head, not a combo amp? Because I only have combos (never really needed a stack).
All Combos can be used as a head though. Some have a dedicated speaker out, some can disconect the inner speaker and run a cable, or you can always just run a cable from the speaker wire inside.

What kind of combo? But generally you would use a Guitar or Bass Speaker Cab with a Guitar Amp.
Quote by Wylde_Life

What kind of combo? But generally you would use a Guitar or Bass Speaker Cab with a Guitar Amp.

It's a Vox AD15VT. It only has a line out/headphone output. And I'm not really big on wiring an external wire to a speaker.
You could get a PA system minus the speakers and run your line out into those LTB's... but I dont see the point, I would pass on them unless you plan on gigging soon!
well wiring would be easy, you'd just solder off the current speaker and put a jack on the two wires and than connect it to the external speaker. If you decide to do that, check first if the impedance of the previous speaker matches the impedance of the new speaker and alse be careful not to run the amp w/o any speaker connected, as that could probably hurt it.

That said, I don't really see a point in doing that (unless the speaker in your vox would burn out or something). I understand you wanna find some use for the speaker, but this imo would be just a waste of time ^^
I'll probably just save them for if I ever need some PA stuff. But thanks for the help guys.