I am modding my guitar right now and I want a new pickguard for it. It's a non-mainstream brand guitar (a la Fender or Gibson), so sadly there are no parts to buy online, so I have to make my own. I have a few boards of plywood and tools in my parents' garage and I think that'd be the best option right now money wise.

My question is though, can you paint plywood to look like plastic, or at least somewhat proper? I don't feel like spending all that time on the pickguard(s) if it's gonna look cheap and amateur-ish. Can you make the paint SMOOTH and glossy?

Yeah mate, use lacquer after you paint it or to paint it use an ink - that way you'll be able to see the wood grain underneath and then lacquer it.
Any help?
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Isn't plywood waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to thick? Also what are you, some sort of hipster? all non-mainstream what kind of guitar is it though? There's probably a pickgaurd for it somewhere.

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