Hey there, I was wondering some things about picking up piccolo strings for a regular ol’ 34” bass. Over at a music store nearby there is a set of d'addario strings for about $10, so I thought maybe think it over and go back to pick them up tomorrow, but I had some questions;

1. Would it be a better idea to pick up a 32” or 30” bass?

2. Would I have a lot of issues regarding the neck (i.e. truss rod and intonation issues)?

3. Would it be better to use a fretted or fretless bass?

4. Are there any preferable p’pups/strings etc. I should use? I was thinking maybe looking into some bartolinis.

Thanks for any advice!

** IF possible, I would prefer if we were not to get into a definition battle of a piccolo bass…
Amazing things can be done with a bass strung with piccolo strings, as Michael Manring and Zander Zon have shown. You may as well stick with a 34" bass. There won't be any problems with intonation, but those skinny strings are going to sink in the standard string nut. Most people who use piccolo strings end up having a new nut cut for the bass. Manring's gorgeous Zon Hyperbass uses Bartolini pickups, so they clearly work for that sort of string.




"Maybe this world is another planet's hell?" - Aldous Huxley
Yeah, I downloaded Zander's album Sonorous earlier today off Itunes, and I've been looking into piccolos a while back. I remember seeing the video of Manering's hyperbass with him just fiddling around with tunings. I would consider purchasing a Zon if I had that kind of cash on me at the monent, haha (but sadly, I do not ). I also think Zander uses Barts too, have to check his rig again.

Thanks for the advice!
I LIVE for the day when I shall own one of these!

A SIX STRING Hyperbass!

Too much for mere mortals!
"Maybe this world is another planet's hell?" - Aldous Huxley
Agreed man, I've been dying for one of these:

Bassgear.co.uk happens to have Zon Legacy and a Sonus (and a Wooten Fodera for god knowshow much) for sale for $1,250 (or pounds? I never could understand money conversions, ). I would probably shoot for one of them, if I had the cash...

Good news is sometime over the year I should be getting like $1,500 from the insurance company since I lost some gear in a fire, so I may shoot for that beauty :P
1,250.00 GBP equals US$1,945.00. Zons are great instruments, but insanely expensive. And the Hyperbass is probably their most expensive offering at about six grand. Not only that, but those Philistines over at Zon refuse to make a fretted Hyperbass! Bastards!!!

Zander Zon and Michael Manring both use the Zon VB, so it must be a fine bass. Good luck and may you own one soon!
"Maybe this world is another planet's hell?" - Aldous Huxley