Newest song that I have made, been working on it for the past week or two. This song would benefit a lot from vocals I imagine, but its fine as it is I suppose. The only part I'm indifferent on would be bars 41-47, doesn't fit the best but eh. I may end up adding another section to this song eventually but I dunno.

Listen with that RSE, them headphones, etc I'll critic back of course.
Just a little tip before I start - add section names, it makes it easier to crit.

Well, it's really moody and calm, but it feels like there isn't really a melody anywhere in there that can really catch your ear. Vocals would fix this right up, but without them it's really lacking.

While it does grow and change, it doesn't feel like there is any climax to the song, like it isn't going anywhere. Except for that part where the drums become more intense (around bar 26 and on), it's kinda like nothing happens.
Again, a good vocal line can probably fix this as well.

One last note, as a bassist-turned-guitarist, I always try to keep the bass interesting. In this song, it kinda feels like the bass player may fall asleep. Try giving the bass line more thought, it can improve the song greatly imo.

So, to conclude it - It's a nice base for a song, but without vocals it feels pretty empty (unless you're going for that moody-atmospherical music, which is fine, but I personally really don't like that stuff).

Oh, and thanks for the crit, of course
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I see what you mean exactly, this song really does need vocals.
I liked the bass though for the most part, I thought it fit the mood. I can understand what you're saying though.
Thanks for the critic. I may end up adding some other things to make it more lively.
So... this is a really calm song, and without vocals, it lacks something to catch your attention, you know what I mean... try at least to create a melody on guitar pro, just to follow it...

Also, the change of drums at bar 26 is nice, but it stills lack something.
You could also, try to add more to the bass, but it is good as it is I think.

Actually, if you added vocals it would be much more interesting. There isn't much to talk about it, it's good, but that atmosphere is not my thing xD

Sorry I coudn't be of much help, it's night here and I ain't thinking too much...

'-' - Sorry, asked for C4C when you already criticized my song '-'
Guess I was really tired...
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