Hi guys, about 15 years ago, I got a fender strat squier, and a matching 15w squier amp. I just started playing again. Over the years, metal is what I've really loved to play, I was decent at one point, and now I suck again. I've always thought my amp was bad, so I've been looking for a new one. While at the guitar shop, I was told that it its very uncommon to play metal on a non humbucker style axe like mine, which leads me too where I am. Do I get the new amp? A sweet ESP axe? Both used for cheap? please help. I know there are alot of threads, but I don't even know if my guitar is worth playing. I have too wiggled the selector switch just to get it to play sometimes.
What would be your budget for an amp? I played hard rock on single coils and it sounded fine, but humbuckers work even better. The amp is more important than the guitar for right now.
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well what kinds of metal? if you wanna play really heavy stuff get something that cheap and got EMG pick ups like a jackson JS32t rhoads or if want something light like hard rock to fairly heavy stuff get a epiphone SG (i dunno what modal mine is but it's ****ing amazing and cost like £250) and as far as amp do you wanna gig if so get something thats 50 watts if not why not consider keeping the amp you have and getting a nice overdrive pedal.
well there's my 2 cents take it or leave it
i'd recommend getting a Peavy Vypyr and a mid range LTD. That should suit your playing just fine while your honing your skills.
There are a few good guitars out there for that price.

I'm not an expert but don't make the same mistake I did when I went straight for the Line 6 Spider. As you get better you will realize you could have bought a good tube amp for the same price, and your tone would sound much better. Maybe something like a Peavey Valveking...
Maybe something like a Peavey Valveking...

i want one of those heard there amazing for there price
Just got a phone call. Found a kirk hammett 202 esp, and a peavey 65watt amp for, $270. Worth just getting, and giving my old set up to my kid in a couple years?
if both are working, and not beat to hell, I'd say yeah.
you might also be able to argue the price down by pointing out dings/scratches on the guitar
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I ended up getting that kit last night. Pretty decent set up. The guitar is in good condition, and plays nice even as is. Needs a cleaning and some new strings. The amp is awesome. I've never played on an amp as big as this one before. At least now I have a little better platform to learn on, and I can upgrade these pieces as I go. The old guitar is pretty sentimental to me, so selling it really wasn't an option. Thanks guys!