There's a few issues here, for me.

First off, I hear a lot of clipping, generally it's on drum hits, especially the kick. You might want to look at EQing some of the sub-bass out of it and using more compression and EQ to raise it's presence in the mix, and less gain. It could just be Soundclouds dodgy encoding, but I rather suspect there's a bit of distortion on the track itself.

Secondly, bring the bass, up. A lot. This will also need a bit of EQing from what I can tell, just to make sure it sounds focused and not 'flubby'. This should help remedy the harshness in the mix that seems to be there at the moment. to, by providing a bit of contrast to the guitars, which seem to have a lot of high mid and treble content but not much bass.

Once you've done all this, you'll probably find the drums have disappeared into nowhere. Have a look into compression techniques for drums, and you should be able to bring the punch back into them, and give your mix much more of a feeling of movement, and even dynamics. There's plenty of pages discussing these approaches online.

You'll need to redo that clean part as well, as it's out of tune I'm afraid

On the plus side, the structure seems solid to me, and I'm sure vocals will improve it further. Sounds a little bit like In Flames at times to me!

Well, good effort so far, just needs a little more work and it'll start sounding much more together!

Give mine a listen, if you get the time?

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I like the main idea of the song, but it's out of tune and way too distorted. If you fixed those issues it would make a big difference.. what are you using for distortion, recording, etc.?

Work on your timing a bit, not too big of an issue though most of this sounds tight. I like your songwriting the most out of this, real good stuff.

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