Recently I bought Vintage SG model guitar (I think its VS6). It is second hand, in good condition, bought it from shop. I had to pay 140pounds. First question is: is that a normal price for used guitar of this model?

Next thing is guitar sound. When I play one string and then another at once, sound gets very distorted and I can hear some kind of noise. Actualy I can play only chords or one string. While playing solos, I have to release one string before picking another. Does it happen to every guitar? Does it depend on pick ups?

By the way I am using Marshall MG 30DFX amp. I tried all settings, but I only can get very distorted sound, or totally without distortion. I cant get soft sound.

How do you think, is it a good deal, or I should bring it back?
Thanks for your help.
yea thats not normal... shouldnt be doing that at all, and it definately does not happen to every guitar. 140 pounds is about $200 from the sounds of it its not an epi or a gibson or any brand i have heard of and for a second hand guitar that doesnt play well it doesnt seem like a good deal.
What you need is a new amp.

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Ya, I have to mute string before picking other, otherwise sound becomes horrible
I owned a VS6 for a while, and I got it for $480 CDN new(that's, like, 250 pounds, I think?), and it was a nice guitar for what I paid, the neck was too narrow for my liking though so I ended up trading it(and another $500) in for my Schecter. That's a weird occurrence though.

Does it happen with your other guitars? Marshall MGs are pretty horrendous amps, and the Vintages I've played/worked with have all been pretty solid guitars electronics-wise(mine had a sharp high E saddle, but otherwise it and the 3 or 4 Vintages I've played have all been well-made guitars for the price, better than Epis for sure) so my money is it's just your amp. However, it could be your guitar's wiring too. Try it through some other amps, see if it's fine, if it is go for a new amp, if not, take it to a tech, repair it and go for a new amp. xD Cheers man
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I played that setup for awhile.. take the guitar to a shop, there might be a loose wire or something. or vice versa.. i never had that problem.
Im not actually new to guitar. I play almost 4 years. The problem is that this guitar makes noise when picking different strings at one time.
Most guitars make use, get used to it.
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