We need some people. We've decided to stop searching nearby for the rest of the band line-up. So my brother and I are looking for a drummer and a vocalist. Be warned, we're not the best guitarists and we still have room to improve. Don't be expecting hardcore sweeping and solo's from us. Yet we make up with that by being very focused and dedicated to the music. If you're interested, please let me know
i'm interested, but what influnces do you have, just to give me a slightly bigger pointer of where you're going with this
We're into the sounds of Parkway Drive, As Blood Runs Black, The Ghost Inside, and Sylosis but i'm also into a more melodic feel like Scar Symmetry and In Flames do. So basically metalcore with perhaps some clean vocals thrown in. Christian Alvestam from Solution .45 is basically a good template, and so would the band Solution .45. But we're still trying to sound a bit unlike the other band, to get a sound all our own. You know?
okay, i'm looking for bands with clean vocals as the majority. not too fond of bands that scream all/most the time
not more something like aiden, hawthorne heights, that post hardcore scene. anything with core on the end is generally the same

just listened to destroy the runner
pretty simular except a little faster
Yeah, I'm a fan of Aiden, I just got into Hawthorne Heights. It's basically the metalcore riff with clean vocals. I'm up for it if you are. Especially since im in the process of an original song
cool beans, i'm mainly a drummer/guitarist and i can do vocals on the side(though i'm not the best in the world obviously)
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no haven't got either
Ok, ill try to figure out the rest of the riffs and post them on my profile.
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I dont mind tryin some vocals for ya, you can check my voice out on my profile mp3s

Cool, let me get some riffs together