alright, first off i'm stating that I have an ibanez gio in case that's the problem, my strings sound weird. the three deepest strings are fine. they sound smooth and go with the flow, however the 4th string, the one that starts the non-threaded strings doesn't. i'll be playing one and in the middle of the clean riff ine the chorus it'll just ring really annoying lile it's loose (and I've checked, it's not that) it just stands out so bad and ruins the smooth rythm of the song. I don't know if the string's going out or is it that the guitar is just so cheaply made that the sound isn't all that smooth??? also the other two small strings are slightly louder and more peircing sound too but not as bad and i've messed with the pickups to away from the bottom strings and it didn' help.
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I'm assuming you mean when the standard G is 'loose' you mean it goes flat and you can hear the detune beat ringing in the chords you play?
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I'm assuming you mean when the standard G is 'loose' you mean it goes flat and you can hear the detune beat ringing in the chords you play?

Basically yeah. all 3 bottom are like that, it just doesn't sound smooth
If the strings are new its most likely that they haven't stretched into their sweet spot yet or they haven't been locked into the tuner well and they slip. Second I'd check the intonation or if the tuners themselves don't hold tune.

What guitar is it and does the guitar have a tremolo

If the strings are old and worn they will stretch out of tune and eventually will break. There's not much you can do about this other than get a fresh set
Perhaps the strings are rattling on the frets?

If that is the case, you need to;
1. Check if the neck is curved or straight - if it curves backwards you need to adjust it via the truss rod.
2. If the neck is straight you just might need to adjust the "action". You need to raise the strings a little bit via the small screws on the bridge saddles - each saddle usually have 2 screws and both of these should be turned slightly clockwise to raise the saddle a little at a time until the rattling stops.

I'm presuming that you haven't worn down the nut or if you have locking nuts, that you have tightened these

Probably an intonation issue. Possibly the strings just aren't in tune. It'll take a little while for strings to stretch/settle. if you just put them on.

I'm going to let you know right now though that your G string will never cooperate with you. Ever. Something about the frequency, but it'll never sound exactly in tune.
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