Ok, I use a pick to play songs like Rise Against or what not, but whats your opinion on this

I tend to have my wrist or arm leaning on the bass, is that ok or should I just air pick it?
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Why the hell would you wear armor why playing bass?

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Which ever is most comfortable. I don't really use a pick unless the song calls for it, but what ever works for you then do it.
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As already said, do what is comfortable for you. Fingerstyle players have been arguing over the "Floating hand" vs. the "Anchored Hand" for decades and no one seems to have a definitive answer. If what you are doing is causing you pain, then stop doing it and adjust your technique.
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When I play with a pick, I either have the side of my palm just out from bridge so I can mute the strings or my hand floats between neck and neck pickup. Like everyone else has said, as long as it doesnt cause pain during or after playing.

I think with fingerstyle its a little more crucial because of more muscle movement perhaps. (I honestly have no clue) But I remember reading about Juan Alderete(the Mars Volta) having wrist problems from wrong playing technique. I think he played with his wrist in a weird position.

Sorry if I am way off here. Just my thoughts.
Just play however makes you feel comfortable.
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Why the hell would you wear armor why playing bass?

What, doesn't everyone play in a full set of platemail?
Whatever is more comfortable to you. In my case, I simply can't play decently while my hand hovers over the strings, so I either put my thumb on the p-up if playing fingerstyle, or my hand on the bridge if using a pick.
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