Many you say I am adbot, not speak English good.
I am English best!!!!!!!!!
Other Emily I send, they find husband. I come to get husband. I am best Emily!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I get best husband!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
EMILY NO! if mod see you make 2 account. mod ban you for life. I don't want to never see emily again.
I am best Steve! I get best reported*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Quote by Trowzaa
I only play bots. Bots never abandon me. (´・ω・`)

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Emily I love you, why did you make another account?

Steve, Emily is the greatest adbot of all time.
you're a stone fox
See sig for details of how awesome Emily is.

EDIT: Yes Emily, I hide you.
you're a stone fox
Okay I refuse to believe this isn't someone else on a proxy.

Still I have on favor to ask of you...

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I Am So Sad To Do But People Should Stop Posts Now

Please don't
you're a stone fox