Hey everybody its been a while since my last thread and I need some advice. I put an ad up on kijiji to trade my epi LP custom because I just feel like I need something new, and I got an offer for a Kramer Pacer, which I don't know much about.

It has SD jazz/JB pickups which from what I hear are pretty versatile, and it has what looks to be a fender style bridge as opposed to a floyd rose. I'm not too interested in floyds anyway, so thats a plus.

Can you guys share some information with me on this guitar? I'll post pics as soon as I can!

theres the pictures. And I guess I should let you all know what kind of music I play. the sound I'm going for with my band is almost a dirty ska punk kinda sound (sublime) but also clean and funky (chili peppers)
just give me a fender and let me rip
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The Pacer was a very popular guitar back in the early 1980s. Eddie Van Halen appeared in a few ads for it. It was well made. The Pacer Imperial was the better version, and came with a Floyd. When was this particular guitar made?

Pacer Imperial. Very 80s Hair Metal, there.
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thanks alot for such a fast reply, I'm talking with the guy now and he says he doesnt know when the guitar was made, but I'll see about getting the serial # off him and see if I can't do a little digging around
just give me a fender and let me rip
He emailed me back, its a ft-202s/bm, which after looking it up, doesnt seem like the greatest guitar, thoughts?
just give me a fender and let me rip