Maybe you should consider the Vox AC30 instead. The AC15 might be al little to silent for you.
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Doubling the wattage of an amplifier (AC15 -> AC30) with the same speaker only boosts the maximum volume by 6db. For a small gig the AC15 is probably a tiny bit too loud if you want that valve driven Vox chime. You're better running a low wattage (5w or less), possibly Class A/B depending on what sound you want, into a 2 x 12 cab with decent speakers.
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I was considering the AC30 over the AC15. This influences the decision. Kudos in the long run?
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It's plenty loud, especially with high output pickups or a boost in front of it. I have it and have jammed with a drummer, and I didn't even turn it up halfway, and that guy beat the shit out of his drums.
i have the vox 15 watt night train and it is way louder than i ever needed(bigger gigs are mic'd anyway)
Vox amps are notoriously louder than you expect them to be. If you're gigging and you want the AC15 SOUND (which is slightly different than the AC30 sound) then check out the AC15c2. It's an AC15 chassis in an AC30 212 cabinet.
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