Ive been developing my hearing lately, and when i listen to crossfire by Stevie Ray, in the 2 min solo i suddenly say "Hey, ive heared those things at claptons "layla" and i was thinking - is that what we call an influence?
I think they both admired each others playing. I know Clapton was doing more poppy stuff at the time SRV hit the scene, and it kind of scared him that his title of "best blues player in the world" was at stake, so he went back to the bluesier stuff himself. They jammed together a few times too.

I think they probably did take things from each other, but let's not forget, they both had the same,or similar,influences. So what you first heard in Clapton, he may have got from B.B King, Albert King, Hubert Sumlin, or whoever. SRV could have picked it up from Clapton, but he could have also picked it up from the guys Clapton picked it up off. There's a lot of similarities in blues, but the key is that you have your own stamp and sound. I can tell the difference between a Clapton playing lick and an SRV playing one, even it's the same notes, they both have their own unique tones and ways of playing things.
So when talking about top notch guitar gods, even if they play the same notes, itll be really that different?