A friend sent me the guitar pro of this song and I turned it into this. We are doing vocals tomorrow. Not sure what to expect, kinda a metro station vibe I guess.

One of the first recordings with my new Agile septor pro 727.

Lots of synth1 in their, awesome free vst synth.

Will post recording details is interested.

What do you lot think?


*ending will fade out in the final, just havn't done vocals yet.
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I think, you should upload it to a different site, so that I don't have to download it, rather to listen to it. Sounds like japanese pop rock to me, which I approve. All good.
The mixing is good. I don't like the synth sound though, I'm very much against synth lead generally, very few that I like. I think you could make it a bit more atmospheric and pianish or something. The drums are great, which VSTi is that?

Also, if you're following the genre of pop-rock, you should include a guitar solo.
Nice drum sound! Any chance you could post that snare sample, exactly the kinda thing I like

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Zeletros - Thanks man, yeah I used to be inlove with chiptune so I'm a sucker for basic waveforms. I'll mess around with other patches and see what works.

Lao123 - Drums are from the Steven Slate Library and Superior Drummer 2.0

Can't post samples because they are copyrighted. It's pretty much 3 snares blended, some very minor EQ and an 1176 compressor.
Very pleasant to listen to. Like the drums a lot. Maybe you could tweak the sound of the synth a bit, as I feel it doesn't really fit the rest of the song. But other than that I don't see much that needed work here. Will there be vocals on this one? Because it's screaming for some nice vocals!

Please give me your thoughts on this: