Hey UG,
Anyone had any experience with a Kustom KB200 bass amp.
It's got a 15 inch speaker, do you think it will cope well with a 5 string bass?
It should handle it just fine. There appears to be a lot of overlap in design and layout between Kustom amplifiers and the revamped Acoustic amplifiers. It should serve you well.
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A 15 should do you well. I've heard Kustoms are some loud practice amps, too.
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I gigged with this amp in my teen years. Except, the 210 model. Its a solid amp in all regards, though leaves something to be desired tonally
Thanks guys for they help, I'll probs definitely get it.
Also tone should be too much worry, I got tone selectors on my Schecter and might grab a distortion pedal anyways haha.