Looking to improve upon the factory pickups of my Yamaha RBX374, but I have no idea what would be a good set to go with. Was wondering what you guys would suggest?

I'm not looking to spend loads on these, budget's pretty restricted.

Thanks in advance, just ask if you need more details
what would you like to improve about your sound with these new pickups?

what amp do you use?
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I just think that the general sound of them isn't quite as clear as I'd like, don't know whether that makes sense? They just generally seem quite lacklustre

At the moment I'm using some crappy little AXL amp I've had for years, hoping to buy a Marshall MB4210 in the next few months though
I'm afraid you're probably out of luck. Those are the same humbuckers Ibanez uses in its SRX series basses, and I don't know of any replacement that is a drop-in for those dimensions. Oh, you could put just about anything in there, but it would probably involve routing and installing a pickguard.
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I think the EMG 40 fits the cavities though I'm not to sure about that.
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