Good Job man, I liked your playing. The tone I didnt like so much though but thats just my oppinion. Also some bends were a bit off but practice it and you'll get it in no time!
C4C? http://www.youtube.com/user/Jgomez182?feature=mhee Drop something on any one of me videos
good job man, just some small stuff to improve until next time
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I'm of the opposite opinion in a way - I actually think, compared to most YouTube videos, that the tone was pretty good (I'm a sound engineer too, for what it's worth) and liked the more refined, rolled-off sound. Too many people use too much gain when playing, usually to make up for weak playing, but I digress - I think it was more to do with the playing than anything that let it down (no offence), as the timing was a little off in places, and a little robotic with the phrasing in others, as well as some of the bends being a bit flat/too quick to hit the top note.

You'll get there with practice, but try and feel the bend - sounds odd, but try and alter the speed of the 'scoop' in the bend so you start off slowly bending up and then scoop up the pitch towards the end, and add a bit of vibrato and it should set you on the right path.
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Awesome solo man I'm impressed with the skill. Very nice I would agree with jgnome on the tone, it's only a tiny bit away from perfect is there a little too much reverb? Amazing skill eventually I may one day be able to solo like this.
I don't know what the first few people were talking about, the tone sounds very good. Honestly I think the whole thing sounds pretty damn good. The bends are barely noticeable, the only reason I even payed that close attention to them is because someone pointed it out. Ofcourse, I'm not the level of guitarist as these guys probably are though. Still excellent job though man. Thanks for crit'ing my vid as well.
Really sounds good man, at first listening to it I was like the above posters thinking that the tone needs to be a bit more heavy and dirty but after listening again I think your tone is really nice and melodic. Great job, keep playing and try to feel more (even though you have a really good feel already :P).