Sounds good. Recorded poorly, but I like the song. Your singers do suck, though. They need a lot of practice. And the one in white needs to stop looking like he's jerking it. His hand spent like eighty percent of the video in front of his crotch, and that's not how you want to appear on stage.
And the irony is that we laugh about another band that did that masturbation things just a week ago,and tough "how does that stupid thing?"...
I guess that we couldn't improve the sound a lot in live performance, I've played an awesome 5150,bass had an orange amp and rhythm guitarist had a Marshall.
you think that we should record a studio version of that song, or a different in order to comprehend our musical levels?
I wouldn't have two singers, one should do something else like keyboards or something and also sing. I mean one singer standing around whenever you want an instrumental is one thing, but when you have two it's just kind of odd. Especially when one is singing and the other is just looking at them. The song is good though, minus the singing, that was a little sucky. I suppose it could be good if they had more practice? I couldn't really tell. The instrumentation was all pretty tight, I would use a brighter tone, and I would work on your transitions between sections, they're a little choppy.

the thing about our singers, singing is'nt their best quality, for instance the "mastarbating" guy has black belt in judo.
There is a lesson in here to learn as well, even tough we had good quality gear and amplification the sound came out badly in the record all due to lack of volume adjusment before the show.
We just connected everything up set some decent volume and started playing,so next time you do a live show do some balancing checks before the show.

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