So EG I havent been around in a while but im glad to see this part of the forums is still very helpful and informative. So onto my situation.

Im looking to get a new guitar, I have sold my SG and I have been looking for an esp LTD series guitar. Preferably and EC series. My friends and I have a band and we jam ofter and we play hard rock/metal. My old SG had stock pickups so it wasn't too bad. Now I have two options, either the ec-1000 or the ec-500. The ec-1000 I can get for 650CDN and the ec-500 for 400CND.

Now I currently have a somewhat tight budget with bills/school and everything else and Im using the money from my old guitar towards this one. I have 400 right now and I can buy the 500 series but im looking towards a bit of input. I tried the 1000 Amber Sunburst the other day at a music store. I was very impressed with how light the guitar was. The feel was very good and the abalone grows on you. Im actually a fan of abalone and the binding on them. Now the pickups on the guitar are Seymour Duncan JB (B) / '59 (N). I tried them through a roland cube and I found that they were very versatile, however I found them to be very bright and lacked a bit of a crunch. It might have been the fact that I was using a cube to try it out on. But I was very impressed with the guitar.

Now yesterday I found out I can get a white 500 series with EMGs 81/60 for 400. I have not tried the 500 series so I do not know how light/heavy it is, nor the feel. I would assume it would be relatively similar. However the pickups I have tried in my buddy's guitars and they do have a "built for metal" feel. However I do not want to grow tired of just metal guitars, I know EMG can be versatile but to a certain extent. I have only tried them a few times, not owned them so I do not know the pros/cons of them.

So the question here is should I buy the 500 series straight up since I have the money? Or should I got for the 1000 series which I would have to come up with 250 dollars more and the pickups not be exactly what I want/need. Im not to sure and I need a bit of advice or guidance in here before I make a purchase of this price. Like I said I'm kind of short on money but if the 1000 is worth it, I can see what I can do to get the money and see it as more of an investment. Any help?

Also I have a blackheart stack and when we practice/jam at studios we have marshall stacks available. So on the amp level im ok. Thanks for the helps
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The 500 and 100 series are quite close in term of quality and craftsmanship so I'd say the EC-500 has better value for the money. Plus you're getting the pickups you wanted so I don't see any reason why not just take it. You will eventually grow tired of the abalone anyway :p

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go to store, buy an ec-401 (with whatever pickups you want). save your money

the two guitars feel very, very similar (like, to the extent that it could just be the result of manufacturing tolerances). neither is significantly lighter. there are some very slight hardware changes, but I can't really say that the upgrades are worth the money (unless you love abalone)
awesome thanks for the advice guys. Ummm so you're saying for my current situation in money the 500 would be a better choice as opposed to a 1000? I hope I do not make the wrong decision in which one to get. Ahaha im just worried ill have the buyer's remorse, but from what i've heard these two guitars are great and everyone says they're usually worth it.
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I didn't read the whole post, but I'll try to help you out as best as I can.

I usually recommend going for the guitar that you like the MOST and what you think sounds the BEST and then decide. If you can wait to raise the money for the 1000, I suggest you do it if that's the guitar you like best.

However, if you're comfortable with the 500, then by all means. Just know that you're going to get what you pay for out of them.
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