I recently restrung my fender strat MIM for first time since i bought it new (i.e. the shop strung it for me).

The tuning post holes, on the headstock, are vertical, this was the first time i had re-strung a guitar with vertical holes.

I was able to string the guitar ok but now the B string is not sounding good. When I bend a note on the B string it fades rapidly and then the note cuts off abruptly as I bend the string further.

any advice on how to rectify this would be appreciated! cheers
Is your trem floating i.e. not hardtailed? Did you use a different string gauge? Most probably the action on your B string is too low. You can probably adjust it from the saddle with a hex key.
just a quick thank you to u flibo, the hex key (which i haven't used before) worked a treat, the B string was a little too close to the fret so all is good now! thanks a lot again