hey everyone im looking for someone to give me dirrection to this song.. where can i take it!? i planned this riff as the intro but i got no idea after this what to do.. so feel free download the file and change it/ play around with it see if you can come up with anything and if you do please let me see


p.s the more you help me the more i will help you on one of your songs! or the more i will crit one of your songs for you
thanks heartless not really what i was looking for but :P il check some of your stuff out now!
Quote by dylann
thanks heartless not really what i was looking for but :P il check some of your stuff out now!


(Not the final album mix. I have since remastered it.)
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I don't want any help with anything I'm doing. I'm just wondering what in the flying titty-****ing sky is nerd rock, and when can we stop with the inane subgenres?

And I'd encourage bringing a finished product for critiques instead of a tiny fraction of a song. Flesh your ideas out on your own. With just a few bars, it's hard to really tell what you want to do with it, and besides- autonomy is a good thing to learn early. Don't rely on us to finish your songs for you. It might sound harsh, but it's not meant to be. It's meant to be helpful.
haha nerd song was just what the sound reminds me of i can imagine someone with a really nazely voice singing over the top of it haha like through a vodcorder or something haha yeah.

and yeah i have a hard time finishing songs i can normally come up with 1 or 2 riffs but i suck at progession so im just wondering if people here would be able to help point me in the right direction. obviously you dont want to but others might haha
Honestly, what you have so far is some bichin', pimpin'-ass Stevie Wonder shit. I like it. But you do need more. And part of that "more" should be lyrics. I can imagine a soulful gospel-y singer busting out over this.