Hi people. I'm just putting this out there to see what fellow musos think!?
I work with young people every day. We have 'jammin' sessions during the week. They absolutely love it, as do I. Watching their faces when they've realised they've successfully worked out the tab or chord sequence to a tune, put it all together, performed the song to a public audience, raised money, raised their confidence levels, and if the truth be known, raised my confidence levels as a 'mentor/tutor' (I'm a youth worker)

So my question is this: Regardless of where kids are from and what language they speak, providing they've got a bit of 'music' within them, got that instinctive, in-built 'rhythm' (to whatever degree!), is it fair to say that the impact and benefits of playing/learning music is clearly, massively under-estimated? I know that our intrepid head of education in our country is all up for promoting this, so, um...could you crack on and sort it out please?!

Just curious to see what people think is all - don't wanna p**s anyone off!
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It's helped me. It's helped quite a few guys I know.

Music is a bit like a sanctuary.
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It's a good thing for most people For me, the option of getting away from the harsh reality thru music is bliss and I wish I was taught music when I was a kid
The benefits of music in school/in general are massive and well documented. It's a shame that arts programs are the first things cut in most places.
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yes i agree the problem with music in schools is that they are under funded and have poor equipment that gets even worse due to being passed around a lot of people, this combined with the fact that they teach music theory and keyboard rather then poppular instruments like drums, guitar and so on means most kids don't pay attention and feel the benefits of music.
music is mandatory in high school. music lesson at school are how i started playing guitar, unfortunately they waste a lot of time teaching stuff like the xylophone and glockenspiel. if people enjoy the instrument then its good but if they don't then it is a complete waste of time
I don't feel as though it should be mandatory, though. Forcing people - especially young kids and teens - to do something they're not interested in only pushes them farther from it most times. I'd suggest a mandatory class or two so that they can get a feel for what it's like, and beyond that make it elective.
Do you feel warm within your cage?

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There's a dick on Earth, too
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Thanks for the replies so far!

That is the beauty of what I do, all the guys that come to the sessions, are doing so voluntarily, cant help but think though so many young people are missing out on so much....

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I absolutely think that it helps the kids that have an interest in it...especially if they can find someone a bit older to help them figure things out and learn new stuff. It is appalling to me that most of the cuts in education in my area are to the music and fine arts areas.
It's a very powerful tool in uniting people. I had to write an essay about the benefits of music workshops in society and I really gained alot of knowledge and appreciation for music as a therepeautic tool.

It's also a great way to relieve tension, hence why it's used in prisons and juvenile detention centres.

You'd have to have some kind of disorder not to enjoy music, it's one of the greatest achievements in the universe.
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