Hi all I have a ESP LTD M200fm with stock LH-301 dual humbuckers, and while it sounds pretty good its not great, quite lifeless and muddy. I am running it through a peavey 5150 mk2.
I was considering getting some warpigs or 81's but then I started reading up on guitar wood and tone.

My guitar has an agathis body which I know is not the most popular wood, but it has a flame maple top, I dont know if that would balance out the odds a bit?

Ive heard agathis is a pretty bright sounding wood, so would pairing it with the emgs be a bad idea? I read that mahogany is the best wood for emgs as it is dark sounding and they compliment each other.

saying that would a set of bare knuckles work better with agathis as they seem to be quite a darker sounding pickup?

any info is much appreciated thanks!

I play hardcore punk/progressivey stuff so I need a tight big chordy sound with lots of percussive bass for muting. If you could suggest any of the other bare knuckles that would be great, warpigs just seem the most popular
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The flame maple top is likely a veneer so it won't make any difference.
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Don't put boutique pickups in an agathis body. Scatterwound pickups show off the wood's character more. Agathis is a weird wood, like mahogany and ash crossed and frankly with less sustain than either. You don't want to put scatterwound pickups into anything but the most resonant bodies.

But EMGs are kind of the same deal. Super-sensitive and despite what many people say they absolutely do not cover up your guitar's wood and make all guitars sound the same.

You'd be better off staying passive but using a more standard wind, like a SD Custom or DM Super Distortion or even a D-Activator. That way you'll get better response and a little bit more power than the stock pickups but you won't be adding anything that will show up the dull-toned body your guitar has.