Hi guys iv been recording my own music as a solo artist for about 5 years im planning to form a band and entering battle of the bands next year, i was hoping you guys could give the songs a listen and give me your opinions, thanks alot, gaz

First song, i wrote this about the people who had to jump out of the WTC, which disturbed and saddened me.

i wrote this one about the war that followed and how it was obviously a false flag attack, thanks
what the hell am I listening to O________O

this is like the new morbid angel meets rage against the machine
Cette nuit j'ai rêvé que je mâchais ses yeux
Après avoir crevé par accès de furie
Ta replète panse d'helminthes blancs nourrie,
Trop prompte à déféquer le fruit d'un vit sanieux.
i don't believe that you've been recording music for 5 years and still write something like this
Free your mind and your ass will follow
The kingdom of heaven is within
Open up your funky mind and you can fly

Perfect adaptation of the rhythmic development exhibited in Morbid Angel's Radikult.

I'm a Nazi, baby
I'm a Nazi, yes I am
I'm a Nazi schatzi, you know I'll fight for the Fatherland