So my Dillion Les Paul took a fall a few weeks back and what resulted was a cracked upper neck/head stock. I had it professionally repaired and my dad paid for the glue/clamp job. The guitar is 100% playable but the crack is still visible and I can somewhat feel it when I run my hand across it. Should I bother to try to sand and refinish this portion of the neck? Its an ebony gloss finish. I don't have much experience but I don't wanna pay to have it done as the guitar is a cheapo but it plays and sounds great after the modifications I made. Any advice?
Watch out for splinters! But if it doesn't bother you, it might not be a big deal. Otherwise you might need a new fretboard.

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Dude, car paint really works. You know the one made for filling scratches on cars. Just a little paint can. And they fit the guitar colours.