And for a live recording session at a real studio. Would 3 or 4 hours be a good amount of time to do all the music in a song, minus the singing? We know it pretty well.
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There are 2 ways of doing it:
Laptops / Interface
or my way of IPOD !

Laptop is the more well known and used way. its simply:
Laptop + Interface. Click track going to drummer and samples and audio/music going to front of house (PA)
you arrange it in your DAW (Cubase, protools, logic etc) So both the tracks are linked in time and with the interface send the click track through 1 output and the FOH music track to another. Click to your drummers IN EAR MONITORS (This will make it easier for him to hear) and the music track to the soundesk.

this is how i do it and it works and is MUCH more reliable and easier IMO.
do the same with a click track and an audio/music track in your DAW.
pan 100% Left Click and 100% right Music.
Export this as an audio file.
Put it on your ipod and using a splitter cable (Sterio mini jack > mono left and mono right jacks) your drummer plugs his headphones into the left/click channel and the desk gets the Right/Music.

I find this MUCH more reliable because your ipod wont **** up as laptops/harddrives can do in a gig setting. Plus the drummer can control which song plays.
I like to put 2 min of silence at the end of each songs backing track so that the drummer has plenty of time to get the to ipod after the song has finished. If you put it in order for the set then all he needs to do is skip the ipod to start the next track
Your FOH backing track will be MONO but i personally think this is better as with sterio, only the middle of the crowd get the right sound. this way everyone everywhere hears it correctly.

Best explanation I can get for you.
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I don't know much about the pre-recording, but if the band all knows the song well, you should EASILY be able get it done with plenty of time to spare in 5 hours. As long as your not recording like something incredibly complicated that you're gonna need to re-do over and over and over again.
You can play it through the laptop in whatever program you want...you could play it straight from whatever DAW you are using or you could use something like iTunes...you just run it through a DI box into the PA system, and hit play when you want the sample to play. You can also buy pads and other stuff so the drummer could hit something to play it instead of clicking something on the computer.

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Is 3 or 4 hours better for recording?

It takes as long as it takes. 4-5 hours is probably the average.

Edit: (If you're doing track-by-track recording)
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.