Well first off im looking to replace my vox wah pedal. I'm looking at the ernie ball 6185 wah pedal. I havent seen any bad reviews on it, has anyone ever had any problems with them?

Second, the talk box im looking at is the Rocktron banshee 2 from what i can tell it is pretty simple to use as far as talk boxes go. And i have seen only good reviews on them. Are there any better talkboxes out there than this one?

And if i by these from guitar center.com will they come with a power cable, and if not which ones will power these?
I don't own the Ernie Wah, but having played it I really didn't think it was all that fantastic. Just sounded flat and lifeless.

In regards to the Rocktron, sometimes things are popular for a reason, AFAIK it's the the standard, 'go to' talkbox these days.
As telemetal says, the Rocktron Banshee is probably the 'industry standard' talkbox these days, and is a lot safer and easier to set up than the Heil talkbox of the 'Frampton Comes Alive' days. The Danelectro Free speech is another 'talkbox' but looks quite gimmicky in my opinion. I wouldn't mind the Rocktron if I could afford it. I believe it has a 9v power requirement, though don't quote me on that.
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what kind of music are you planning on using the wah for? I've never played the ernie ball but they aren't particularly known for wah's. i own the crybaby 535q and its a great all around wah. if your using it more with distortion i'd recommend the kirk hammer crybaby or the bad horsie from morley.

i've also heard that the ibanez weeping demon is really great