Hey wassup guys, decided to actually make a post in here...

My budget is approx. 400 USD tops, just looking for a good practice/smallish jam amp.

The kind of music I play is kind of based around a couple different things:
Animals as Leaders,
Jazz such as Oscar Peterson (feat Joe Pass),
Post-rock, e.g. Mooncake,
Heavy stuff (Cloudkicker), etc.

So I kind of want to be able to do heavy distort type stuff but possibly more importantly, cleans. Preferably a combo amp, as well.

I kind of want to be able to get it new, maybe at a local shop, but if you guys have suggestions to get it used, I might be down with that.

I live near Portland, OR, if that helps.

My current gear is just my little Roland Microcube which is what I use currently, I play an Ibanez GIO-series through it, I do plan on taking a step past that guitar soon, but I kind of figured an amp was more important, I spose.

Anyways, thanks in advance if you have any help to give!
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Look at the Jet City JCA20h and 1x12 cab at zzounds.com they have the set up as a stack for $350, then all you really need is a tube screamer type pedal maybe digitech bad monkey $50 and you can get your heavyer sounds.
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