Yaww everyone!

I don't have a camera so I can't really do an NGD but yeah, on Friday I got a brand sparkling new ESP M-II Neck-through, and its amazing. Even slightly better than my ESP M-II Deluxe (-92)! So the thing is, I've wondered if I could just sell my M-II Deluxe to fund a new amp. The only problem with this is that I don't have other guitars than the 2, and this would leave me with only 1. My band also has 2 gigs coming in the next few months. I always thought it would be smart having a 2nd guitar, just in case. But thats why I'm asking. I kind of thought, maby a crazy awesome ESP wont let me down if I take care of it carefully? But than.. if something happens on the gig, I'm screwed!

Should I, or should I not keep it as a backup guitar for gigs? I desparately need the money! Could I just loan some shitty guitar from a friend for the gig as a backup, just in case?

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I don't know whether your trying to advertise your own review or something, but that did not answer my question in any way.

Sell the guitar if you really want a new amp. you could always pickup a cheap but diecent guitar second hand for a few bucks.
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well, that all really depends on how badly you need a new amp and what you have saved up already

you definitely need to have 2 guitars at a gig. even something as simple as a busted string needs to be looked after. that being said, you probably don't need 2 ESP M-II's. maybe sell the deluxe and put the money towards a new amp and a super reliable backup. or, just keep the M-II (its older, so im not sure what its actually worth) and save up for the new amp.

it really comes down to how badly you need a new amp and how far off financially you are
Allright, thanks guys! I still gotta think for a few days... Its the fact that in the near future I wont be getting nearly any money towards a new amp and I've got many things to get/fix. If I don't buy a new amp totally, I gotta get new t00bz for my 6505+, get some decent recording gear (maby a POD HD), maby even upgrade my Harley Benton 212 V30's into a mesa 212.
If you are playing gigs with a Floyd-equipped guitar, and particularly if you are into whammy bar insanity, then you had better have a backup guitar. A broken string is a real possibility and you don't want to shut down the gig while you change out a string on a Floyd. I'd make sure I had something useable for a backup guitar before I went for the sale and the new amplifier.
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