I own a Mesa Single Rectifier, and if you are familiar with it you know just how unresponsive the EQs are. The Rectifier series has been described as a one trick pony. Granted that one trick is a GREAT sounding trick, very unique, it's very hard to charge the sound of a mesa.

After going to an audio engineering school and learning about frequency and how to professionally listen to a sound an EQ it, I'm looking into buying an EQ pedal.

My question is: Does an EQ pedal work better in front or in loop with an amp? Also: Do you all know of any good 1/3 octave EQ pedals?

Thank you!

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I'd put it in the loop.

MXR makes some nice eq's that aren't too expensive.
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The effect is somewhat different depending on where you put it. In the efx loop it will have a more noticeable effect on the sound and that's where you should put it if you're trying to supplement the eq on the amp.

The best thing to do is to buy one or two and experiment to find where to put it and what settings gives you the desired effect.

MXR makes a couple good pedals in the $100 - 150 range(iirc). Also the Danelectro Fish n' Chips is a good cheap one if you want something cheap to just play around and experiment with too.
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Quote by GS LEAD 5
Mesa EQ's are unresponsive? Lolwut? Arent recto eq's supposed to be sensitive?
And recto's are usually quite versatile too x.x

they are supposed to be....

anywho, mxr 10 band eq in the effects loop would provide one of the most expansive tone shaping possible.
+1 to the MXR 10 band idea in the effects loop.

Also...I can EQ my amps perfectly and didn't have to go to any kind of audio engineering school. Do i get a prize?