Have a spare five minutes? Like surveys? This is the thread for you!

Click here for survey!

As part of my degree, I've got to run some events. Here's the mandatory market research part. Thanks guys.

Filling this survey out has been proven to boost penis size, so do it for that special lady (or man or ladyman) in your life!
Done. And thank you for the enhancement.
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You got any surveys that decrease penis size? My massive dick makes my back hurt from all the weight.
nice username
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Ha ha love you to dude ;-)

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Have fun with that survey. Think you might get some "interesting" answers.
I do not have a clue what any of those questions were.
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everything that you've come to expect

You're gonna have fun, I talked about presentations and how we all had boners and stuff.

Just kidding, I really did fill out the thingy to my best ability, but tuesdays are the best days for speeches. 4srsly.

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Well as someone who took a Stats class, i can tell you that your survey will be extremely biased. Most of the users of UG can be lumped up into one category so in essence, you're getting the views of the same person over and over again xD

Hope it works out though, but selection/undercoverage bias FTW.
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And i was like: "What's gopher wood?"
Thanks for the responses so far! Hope you're all enjoying the enhancements.
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1. No.

2. Nothing.

3. No.

4. No.

5. Yes!

6. No days, never.

7. No.

8. None.

You're welcome.
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Anybody else notice he is surveying pit monkeys with the site survey monkey? hahaa
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I came for the username

Is that a really, really obscure pun? Hm...

Did the survey, in any case. No mention of tea or coffee or penises in the su...

Wait TS my pen1s is getting smaller...................................you asshole TS I thought you said it would make it bigger.
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