So when doing vocals that sound like a shout or a yell, do you actually shout/yell or is it better to do some other technique? Think along the lines of slipknot or korn.

I intend on the vocals to be understandable, so don't tell me to do gutterals or fry.
if shouting and yelling is what it's intended to sound like then your best bet is to do that but still at level where you could be understood at
Okay well I guess I'll just have to practice shouting/yelling with a little less power. I don't want to destroy my chords, but I want to get that sound.
It's essentially Shouting, but theres a technique to it. Except on slipknot's first and second albums, he tore his chords up bad. Then he learned the tecnique. Take it to the screaming/growling thread for more information.

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