What do you think of this amp? I can get it for a hundred euro's, sounds like a great deal. What are your ideas?
My bands practice space has one. I actually quite like it even though i play the bass lol... it is a tube amp so your getting a lot of bang. the only thing is that the tone is kind of tricky to get just right. but for 100 bucks I would buy it.
I'd say go for it. I just upgraded from one but still use the Bandit for a practice amp. Definitely won't find anything better for that price.
Yeah it is a decent amp. Take it at that price
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Don't know about the Laney, but i had one for a couple years and i loved mine. Really nice thick clean channel and takes pedals VERY well. Distortion was meh on mine but i was using a Zoom G2 for that anyways. Well, had a nice crunch to it but didn't really fit the metal i was playing back then
Terrible amp but for that money it might be worth getting as a backup amp. The cleans on it aren't too bad. If you do get it get a nice overdrive to go with it, the dirty channel is disgusting.
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