So I recently bought a used Marshall JCM 600 2x12 from Guitar Center for 300 bucks. Not a bad deal. But they gave me this Marshall PEDL-90010 2 way footswitch and when I push down on the button it changes channels and then the second I take my foot off it changes right back to the original channel. It's almost as if it's in a "hold" mode or something ridiculous. So I can't just push the button and change the channel. It won't change channels, but it's weird because it'll only temporarily change channels until I lift my foot off it and then it goes right back to the original channel.

I'm wondering if either

A. The amp is broke
B. The pedal is broke
C. The pedal isn't totally compatible with the amp
D. something else
Sounds like a dodgy pedal - if you take it back to the Guitar Centre they should be able to sort it for you even though it was bought used assuming they advertised it as fully functioning.
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no it doesn't click, yea I'll just bring it back.
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It's the wrong footswitch for that amp. It's a non-latching footswitch, which is fine for the MG series it's meant to go with, but it won't work with a 900. You need a latching version.