After watching this video I've been toying with the idea of creating something similar, albeit with a lower budget. I'm intending to make in the style of a Haken Continuum, without built in speakers or anything, just as a MIDI controller. I have access to a Yamaha digital piano which I think has a MIDI input.

I'm pretty sure I need one or more membrane pots, I've been looking at these ones, but I have no idea what kind of impedance I'd need.

I know I need some kind of analogue/digital MIDI thing, I don't know much about this so any help would be welcome.

I'm aware that I'd be a doing a fair bit of wiring, and seeing as I'm not an expert on that topic I'm not sure if this would be a good idea if this would be a good project for a relative beginner.

Any input or information would be very welcome

Edit: a rough estimation of the cost of this would be welcome too.
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