about 2 years ago i walked into guitar centre hoping to come out with a 214ce Taylor... unfortunately i took my girlfriend with me who decided that $1000 was a bit too much for me to be spending on a guitar and i listened in and even tho i LOVED the 214ce i walked out with a 110 for about 525. At the time i figured i am paying about $1000 for a Mexican made and not a fully solid guitar and that didn't sound right to me.

I've recently put up my 110 on classifieds and I am pretty much getting back what i payed for it, and am now thinking about adding some $$$ and picking up a used 314ce. I noticed tho for the same price i can pick up a 510 for exactly the same price. While i love the taylor 14 series i think the dreadnaught is once again a better buy and my 110 really made me appreciate dreadnaughts as well. The only think i will miss (barely) is the cut away.

What would you guys opt for?
Well I know Taylor has some information about the different body styles of each guitar. From what I have heard, Dreadnaughts are louder and have more low end. GA's are good for recording because they are a bit more balanced out. Any Taylor above the 214 is going to be a great guitar for anything though. Make sure you play each one separately and try to nit-pick the differences even plugged in.
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