Okay, I'm new at trying to learn how to sing, and I sing along with scales on my acoustic and can match pitches pretty decently, so my question is which note do you match with your voice when playing chords? If you're playing a G chord, do you match the root G and high G? Or other notes in there? Or...what?
I sing melodies in a fairly low register I guess. I'm a baritone technically, so I would have thought I match the bassier notes. But just whatever works for you. I think singing is a lot about practising to see what works for you. Most people only sound good in a limited area, so try to find that area.
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Well if you're playing a G, then the main notes you want to be sitting on are the G (root), B (third) and D(fifth). This is far from being a rule though, you never want to only ever sing one note for one chord or anything like that, and you can conventionally use any note in the key you're in over that chord.

Try learning the vocal melodies for a simple song along with its chords, and then match the melodies to notes on your guitar. You'll start to understand how voices go on top of chords a lot better.

EDIT: So I'm not sure if you're asking for advice or for what my range is? In terms of range if I'm playing a G the note I'm singing will probably be between the open D string and the third fret G on the high E string if I'm wanting to keep it comfortable.
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