In a song I'm writing I'm trying to install a breakdown taking the song from very fast to very slow. Its still the same tempo per se and time signature but for example, the bass is just playing whole bar notes and the lead guitar is doing a slow blues solo.

The rest of the song is really fast, so I want a slow bit just like (off the top of my head) the breakdown in Unnatural Selection by Muse.

I'm really struggling to make the transition from the fast riff off the verses and choruses to the slow breakdown smoothly - it just seems really forced. So are there any tips on how to do this smoothly?

It's hard. I had to do this in a band where the guy wrote some progressive stuff, but it was eastern european kinda prog. He was Czech.

He told me to listen to the drums as much as possible. So he sent me an mp3 with just the drum and bass parts so I could get in my ear.

S'all about locking in with the rhythm section. Do you have a drum track down?
Firstly, I would like to point out that I have never heard the song mentioned in the OP.

Try using cadences to cover up the awkwardness of the tempo change?


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