cuz im an idiot i was tuning my low g string today and it snapped. is there a way to buy just that string since bass strings are so expensive?

thanks in advance,

EDIT: sorry not low g, i mean high g string
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yeah it was .45 gauge, just standard strings. as far as D'addario i have no idea what your talking about. i live in new york so all the shops i have nearby are sam ash and just local stores. but thanks
D'Addario is a string brand.

I'd suggest taking a stroll into one of those shops and seeing if they sell singles.
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Pretty much any good music shop should sell single strings. Just ask for a bass G string at your local shop, and most likely they'll have it.
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If you have round wounds and a different brand, I'd just buy a whole new set. It'll cost more but you'll have an even sound.
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With Rotosound Drop Zone+ strings you can tune to a low F#... Though he did edit his post and said he meant a high G.
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Some shops will offer single strings for sale. A local shop here does this, but it's slightly more expensive per string to replace them one-by-one than it is per the cost of the same string when bought as a pack.