So i just heard of this Eddie Van Halen D-Tuna and now im considering buying one but first some Q&A

Will it work in drop D,C,ect standard tuning?
Will it effect my floyd's balancin?
How well will it stay in tune through some moderate abuse?

And anything anyone wants to throw out there opinion,Personal experience ,ect
you will have to block your floyd so that it is dive only - otherwise it will mess up your tuning.

also, you have to have an OFR design for it to fit - no Ibanez Edge or lo-pro floyds/LFRs.
Yes it will work for both, and no it'll not effect the balance. If you have a good floyd it should stay in tune. Now I could be wrong but I think your guitar needs extra routing for it. Don't quote me or anything on that. Before you consider buying one though, do you really need it? Do you switch tunings that often that it could be beneficial? It seems to be an expensive modification for something just used moderately
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You may be better off going with a Tremol-No.. a device that "locks" the trem in place so that it acts as a hardtail. You can then go to drop-tunings without the trem balance being affected or the tuning of the other strings being knocked out. I set my 6th's strings' fine-tuner to allow for dropping down a whole step. The great thing about this is that on top of the aforementioned benefits, there is no routing drilling or soldering required- plus you can go back to fully-floating trem anytime you want in SECONDS
OFR check, but not liking the idea of blocking my floyd because i like dime squeels and other natural harmonics maybe its not worth the convenience of saving 10 min.
how do you go about blocking a floyd if i do go about this assuming theres a kit for it.
a d-tuna came on my wolfgang. i took it off, it didn't maintain accuracy for the droped 6 string, not to mention messing up the tuning of the other strings.

IMO they are a waste of time. go tremelno
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