I wrote this song a long time ago and it took me ages to write because I was stuck after the intro. I went from giving up completely, to making it an instrumental, to finally making a mainly instrumental song with 6 lines of lyrics sang by the singer of my band.

Please check it out and tell me what you think, the song is called "Out of the Blue"!


Thank you for the reviews! I appreciate it! I spent 15 minutes surfing around your myspace (I have never seen a myspace like that before), and I couldn't find your song "Out of the Blue". I own an iMac. I tried it on Safari and Firefox, and no luck. Can you give specific instructions on how to find "Out of the Blue" so I can hear it? Just out of curiousity, do you currently live in Hungary or Glasgow, Scotland or ?

Edit: OK, now listening to "Out of the Blue". The guitar sounds pleasant. Good riffs. The vocals sound pretty good. The song could be made longer & perhaps add some drums. Sounds good overall.
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Same here.. Didn't see a single song. Checked your profile as well. Are you from Deland? I live in the Orlando area.
After a bit of detective work, I managed to find the song by clicking on the stream tab.

Nice clean guitar intro. The song has a nice chilled out feel to it. Vocals are pretty good and fit well with the rest of the music. I like the laid back vibe and the overall sound of it is good, production wise. The only downside is that it's rather short, maybe you could extend it a bit. What there is of it, I like though.
I like the intro guitar, and really just the guitar throughout sounds really good to me. The vocals sound good, though I think they could be raised in the mix a bit more and maybe have a little bit more emotion behind them if that makes sense. Overall I really liked this, great job
I agree with V. The vocals got lost in the mix. The song sounds nice. The vocals being a bit clearer would be a big improvement. I have a song that ended up the same way. I only got 6 lines of lyrics and a good bass, rhythm and lead. But I couldn't seem to build it into more than a 2 minute song. I keep promising myself I'l go back and make it happen. It's called StreetWise in my sig link if you are interested.

I have 3 songs up now for C4C. Please check out one of them and leave a comment....

Baldwin Park (blues)
Sneaky (chill)
Some Bird (easy listening)
Thanks for the review, shit i'm sorry it's taken so long to review your track, I haven't been on UG in a while! I think what you have here is some really good ideas, very well recorded, the vocals and guitar sound clean and clear. I think you should develop this into a fuller song, maybe have a lead guitar or something come in and drums to push it forward. The transition from picking individual notes to strumming is smooth and natural and I love the singing, whoever it is has a beautiful voice.