Hey UGers, I'm trying to learn Snow (Hey Oh) by RHCP and was wondering, for any of you who know the song (or not), if there are any tips on learning? The first and second chord shape transitions are pretty hard but its more of a stamina problem for me.... my left hand gets pretty tired after awhile and I really feel like I need to stretch it but there are no breaks at all during the song

Any advice? I know practicing will help but any other advice to help improve stamina?
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yea, practice some more.

A good tips will be:

Start practicing at a tempo that is comfortable to you, it doesn't matter if is FAR slower.

Focus on playing relaxed, not on full speed

The benefit of practicing at slow speeds is that you get your memory muscle used to the motion of playing a song, lick, technique whatever and this means the " guitar playing is like riding the bicycle" principle, once you get used to playing it correctly you already have the muscles pattern for playing it and this means that the speed will be up to you.

Hope that helped,


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