Okay so when im not listening to 2011 releases or Andrew Jackson Jihad, i have been pretty much listening to stuff from the 90's. Yes 1994 is one of my favorite years in music. Mix is about 45 minutes long.

1. Guided By Voices - I am a Scientist (Bee Thousand, 1994)
2. Hum - Stars (You'd Prefer an Astronaut, 1995)
3. Wilco - Hotel Arizona (Being There, 1996)
4. Eric's Trip - Behind the Garage (Love, Tara, 1993)
5. Slowdive - Dagger (Souvlaki, 1994)
6. The Notwist - Electric Bear (Shrink, 1998)
7. Sebadoh - Skull (Bakesale, 1994)
8. Thinking Fellers Union Local #282 - Cup Of Dreams (Strangers From The Universe, 1994)
9. Jawbox - Savory (For Your Own Special Sweetheart, 1994)
10. Silver Jews - Blue Arrangements (American Water, 1998)
11. The Mountain Goats - Twin Human Highway Flares (Full Force Galesburg, 1997)
12. Elliott Smith - Division Day (Roman Candle, 1993)


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Two thumbs up for Jawbox, Hum, and Slowdive. Actually make that three thumbs up.
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I feel super nostalgic now after listening to that.
“Just to sum up: I would do various things very quickly.” - Donald Trump
^ The Eric's Trip track was the song that stuck out for me. After listening to this mix a couple of days ago I've made it a priority to go and listen to my older CDs more, there are bound to be some things I wrote off in my teens that I'd love now and this was a bit of proof. It's the first time I can remember not skipping Wilco and Silver Jews - although I have to admit I still don't get the fanboy world of Elliot Smith (maybe barring 'Baby Britain' and 'Bled White').

Nicely done.
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thanks. xo is a great album but i really think his s/t and either/or are his best so id recommend checking them out if you havent. he is a very talented musician.