Here's a song I did a couple months ago with my Zoom G3 looper and it's synchronized drum machine. I laid down an acoustic rhythm w/ the acoustic sim and then played an improv over it using an Orange amp sim.

The drums will be repetitive because that's the way it is with a looper/drum machine. So I know the drums are repetitive, *but* if that really bugs you in a way that makes it less enjoyable then mention it because I'd like to know. I use an auto-wah quite a bit, so when it kicks in that's the effect.

It's called.....

Some Bird

okay so lemme get to some comments.

Mixing between the two guitars is a bit lacking where the acoustic alittle two quiet.

When you come in with your wah you get a pretty nice jerry garcia tone.

Little bit wandering but to be expected with an improv this long.

keep it up brotha

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I don't really like fade ins, but you have a looper so I'll forgive you. The acoustic is a little off sometimes, but it should also be louder. It did remind me of Free Bird too, not that that's a bad thing I guess. You go a little off scale at sometimes, work on learning your neck a little. The wah comes in a little a strange, it's not a great wah I suppose, it sounds better when you press it down more, but it's just too muffed yet still loud when it's lower down the neck. I would invest the time to making your own backing tracks, with sections and parts that pick up and build up, it'll give you a better feel for soloing that way, and also get some bass in thar. You know what you're doing though, it's good, good job.

Thanks for listening guys and I've posted on your songs as well. Not surprised that it reminded you of Free Bird as I used the chord progression and then played in the key. Hence the name I gave it. Looks like I got a +1 and a -1 on the auto wah. I actually was pleased with the tone of the auto wah. It's always interesting to see the differences in opinions.

I'm not really a song composer. They just come out when I'm in the right frame of mind. Several of my songs, this one included were recorded sitting on a bench at a local park. In this case I turn on the handheld recorder, laid down the acoustic rhythm, and then set about finding the notes on the fretboard that were in the key. I just noodle until I get into a groove.

So a song like this is usually 20 minutes of recording where i end up clipping out 5 minutes near the end. They are one of a kind and the mix is what it is.

Right now backing tracks are too technical for me. I need something that I can adjust the tempo and loop endlessly. It's kind of like Yoga where you have to meditate to achieve a certain state of consciousness.
nice, you have a good ear for melody!!

keep it up mate!!

i commented on your bluesy piece too..

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The melody is really good, i've listened to the whole track 3 times already ! really calming. (it did also remind me of Free Bird)

The drum though is a big problem here. Not only could have been some good drums breaks at some part, i wouldn't have had the whole drum set come in until a bit later in the track. at the start it could have been doing some cymbals/hi hat stuff and slowly built to a beat, but i guess that's the problem with a drum loop. >_< But seriously, if you have the opportunity to make a proper drum track for it, do it. Because the rest is really well done. (kudos for the improv btw, great feel)
Or all together, you could just take out the whole drum off the track. that could work also.

another thing is the acoustic guitar sounds a bit low in the mix, try pushing it up a bit.

But all together great track, i think i'll play it a couple more times and definitely add it to my "tracks from random guys" folder in my bookmarks bar. ;P

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UVER, appreciate the comments. Right now my creative inspiration comes from how I use the looper. I can't play worth a crap just picking up the guitar. I have to play over some repetitive beat until I get into a groove. That's why I play into a Backtrack recorder because I never know what I've actually accomplished until I go back and review.

So most of my songs are one shot. I still have to become a better guitarist to recreate those songs in a structured way with a DAW and multitrack recording. So for now my stuff comes from the soul vs the mind. Hopefully I'll be able to make the transition in the future and start creating more polished and professional sounding recordings.
Writing as i Listen,
Acoustic sounds a little thin and soft, seeing as there's no bass, the acoustic could be turned up a bit more to form the backing track! Some nice licks, like the one that starts at 00:15, but I miss it building up a bit! I enjoyed the wah, though i missed a bit of high end, it's a little too bassy for my taste. What you're playing is nice, and like you said in your own post above me, if you could select a couple of these licks, concentrate them into a sweet solo, and work out some other parts this could be a nice song! (yes it reminds me of free bird as well :p, but thats not a bad thing! )
thx for the crit!
Hey Freth, I think we need to calibrate our speakers. My comment in your thread was about it being too bright, and your comment in mine was about it being too bassy. Gotta make you think.

I appreciate the comments!
as has been said, turn up the acoustic.

your strumming seems to be off sometimes, causing some awkwardness with timing, but this isnt a major issue throughout.

Right before 2:00 is sooo free bird haha.

when the autowah comes on its a little abrupt. it gets pretty loud in mid swell of the effect and completely buries everything else so watch out for that. all in all i dont think im a huge fan of the auto wah in place of what could be your own expression of it. The wah does give it a laid back satriani feel as it goes on though, but again as its still going on, the volume and agressiveness of the swells are a little jarring in an otherwise relaxing environment.

The wahs off now as the songs winding down and i like this lead melody. it seems to be slowly fading out which is a nice fitting ending to the song.

i have a digitech pedal with a looper in it, so anything i record with the drumbeats has the same monotony! lol

cool stuff. i won't really comments on the technical merits, since I don't know the first thing about DAWs and recording in general.
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