Ok there are alot of threads on this board about weight and attractiveness. So I'm curious as to what guys or ladies here, find "hot"....

So for example are you a fan of the "Keira Knightley and Kate Moss" look or the Christina Hendricks and Sofia Vergara" look?

And I know there is everything in between and bigger girl. But I think girls like this --pic here (sorry for the small pic)with curves are in. I don't know many guys/ladies that prefer the waif look..
Kate Moss is grim. Keira's alright, if not a bit too skinny.

EDIT: I didn't even see that link Brilliant.
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holy shit damn it this would be an enjoyable thread ****ing adbots are actually contributing more than regular users now

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god damn you bots are getting crafty

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Damn, they learned english!

Also, I'm joining in on the reportrain.
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I would've liked discussing this thread too.
We're all alright!
I think we should stop reporting these, they make better threads than regular users.
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this is the greatest bot ever...i think these ad bots are just super low paid people....that is like to convincing....
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